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Tófalvi pension Special volcanic gas treatment.(Mofetta)
2024. june 16. sunday - Jusztin tomorrow: Laura

The gas baths-mofettas- (available from May to November) are located at 630 from the pension.


About the mofettas:

They were discovered at the end of the nineteenth century. These are working only in the summer months(from May to November), because of the long winter. It has around 4000 visitors every year.

There are natural gas flows along of Kelemen(Căliman), Görgény(Gurghiu) and Hargita(Harghita) mountain ranges, theese processes are post volcanic operations.

Composition: 99% carbon dioxide, 0.9% hydrogen sulphide, 0.1% radio-active elements.

1. About the effect-mechanism of the carbon dioxide:

It absorbs through the skin; at the cell and nerve endigs looses histamin and acetylcholine- which causes vasodilation and improves oxygenation of the lungs.

2. The sulphur has an important role at the cartilage metabolism. It has beneficial effects against the rheumatic diseases, incorporates into the skin, bone marrow and cartilage system.

3.The radioactive aerosols ensures the electroionization of the mofetta's athmosphere, which has a calming effect on the human body. It reduces the heath rate, dilate blood vessels and improves metabolism.

These volcanic gas baths are recomanded for: chronic arthritis, hypertension, atherosclerosis, venouscirculation, sklerodermin, discopat, spondiosm and so on. They have no side effects.

The duration of treatment should be 10-28days, at the beginning it should take15 min twice a day, which can be increased with 5 minutes to max. 30 minutes a day.

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