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Tófalvi pension Balu adventure park
2024. june 16. sunday - Jusztin tomorrow: Laura

Situated at one and a half acres, in a unique environment, the park has a wired rope course, which is built on 120 trees and it has 105 game elements with different degrees of difficulty. The park is awaiting the adventurous guests.There are seven different adventure courses marked with representative colors, so everybody can easily find the adequate one. The yellow and the orange sections are for the children and they are specially designed for their height, strength and condition.There are 4 other courses, which serve the entertainment of the adults with gradually raising difficulty levels. The first level is livable for everyone and after that the higher levels can be switched.The 985 m “Tirol”sliding lane is a special feature of the Park Balu , which is the largest is Central Europe. The team building courses offer a unique playing experience for groups who want to relax with movement.You can find more detailed descriptions and photos HERE.


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