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Tófalvi pension Walking-tours
2022. june 26. sunday - János tomorrow: László

Starting from the Uz Bence rest-house we follow the local road until the forester house, where turning to right we approach the ski runs. We cross the Csipike lane’s upper side, then we go further to the Nicholas lane. We follow the edge of the ‘Orottas’ crater and we will see the saddle at nord, where we have to turn to left(vest). Following the ridge line starting from the saddle we arrive to the Kossuth cliff, which is the highest point of the walking tour. Otherwise, in the vicinity of this rocky enviroment starts the Kossuth lane. From here we descend to the caldera, where is a sheepcote; and following the high voltage wires on a clearly visible path we handle to southeast, sometimes trough muddy places we will cross the Piricske forest road. Here we can find a lot of weekend houses. Following the flow of the creek, crossing an alpine pasture with volcanic remains we can spot the 13A highway on the right. At this point we are situated at 4,5 km from Csikszereda, and the mark ends here. About 700 meters, on an asphalted road, we arrive to the Ciba street (dirt road), where is a local bus station.


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